That Special Touch of... Mica Masks - Part 1

I just love these Mica Masks from That Special Touch Of...

They are just so versatile, you can run them almost any type of embossing machine such as the Spellbinder Wizard or cuttlebug. Check your machines instructions if your not sure on how to build your embossing sandwich.

You can ink your mask using dye based inks and use them to print onto your card, fabric, paper and vellum etc..  

Top Tip: Stazon Ink and permanent pigment Inks may mark you masks. You can still use them once they are dry but you have to ensure your mask is thoroughly dry and clean before using on a new project.

You can use them for dry embossing as you would with your normal embossing folders or you can use them for wet embossing using Cosmic Shimmer Misters, Tim Holtz Distressed Inks and even craft pastes.

Infact there are so many things that you can do with your Mica Masks it's incredible. And one of their best features is that once you have finished getting all messy you just need to throw them into a bowl of warm soapy water and give them a wash and your ready to start over.

One of my favourite ways to use my Mica Masks is to create embossed backgrounds using Cosmic Shimmer Misters and tissue paper. Here's a card with an embossed background which I made for my February Cancer Research Charity Fundraiser Project using this technique.

Here's how I did it:

Tools you will need : -  Your Mica Masks, an embossing machine, cheap tissues or toilet paper, ink misters, Mica misters or for a more natural look a plain water mister.

And to clean up afterwards wet wipes and paper towels.

You can also create this effect without an embossing machine by using a soft brayer and a sponge but I will save that technique for next time....

Step 1

Choose your mask and the misters you want to use for your project. For my project I used Cosmic Shimmer Rich Gold and Golden Mint. And I selected the Leaves Mica Mask which is one of my favourites.

Step 2

Place your mask onto the base plate of your embossing machine and cover with tissue paper, make sure you get plenty on there but not too much as this will be difficult to run through your embossing machine.

Step 3

Take your Cosmic Shimmer misters and spray the tissue paper making sure that you get plenty on there. You can add as many colours as you like but for this project I chose just the two colours.

Tip: If you don't have ready made misters you can either make your own using perfect pearls or you can use just plain water for a more natural appearance.

When your happy place a sheet of card or paper over the tissue paper followed by your embossing mat and then your top plate.
If you don't have a wizard machine you will need to follow the instructions you have for your machine to get the sandwich in the correct order.

When your happy place a sheet of card or paper over the tissue paper followed by your embossing mat and then your top plate.

If you don't have a wizard you will need to follow the instructions you have for your machine to get the right sandwich.

TIP: I place the card or paper between to prevent my rubber embossing mat and top plate from getting covered in ink. At the same time you will get a sheet that is also embossed and inked. You can use that sheet on another project.

Step 4

Run the sandwich through your embossing machine. And when done place the mask and tissue paper to one side until it dries. Don't be tempted to try and peel the tissue paper away as this will separate the sheets from each other.

Step 5

When the tissue paper is dry remove the mask and there you have it a lovely embossed piece to use as a centre piece or a background.

This is the piece I used for the card at the beginning of this tutorial.

There are many other ways to use them as I mentioned before, one other particular favourite of mine is the use of modeling paste or craft paste but that's will have to keep until another time.

So there you have it, just one simple way to use you Mica Masks and my first tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it and I would love to hear your comments good or bad and if you have any suggestions for another project or you would like to contribute please feel free to contact me.

Don't forget to join me next time for how to create this same effect but without an embossing machine.

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Thanks for reading and have a great week.


craftyJane said...

What a great technique, thanks for the instructions, but me being a poor representation of a crafter I have no fancy tools LOL Only joking there before you get on to me!!
Lotsa love and big hugs

Denise Fletcher said...

Hello and just to say Ive just seen the Mica Mask/tissue paper presentation and you made it all very clear, just need the pics to be a bit bigger on zoom! Fab, have joined and look forward to learnign more. Many thanks Denise x

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